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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Massage - OutSide?!

I love doing events, my portable table or chair can go just about anywhere, and I can see a number of people over the course of a few hours. This past weekend I had two gigs that were great. I was able to be outdoors, doing what I love- massage and meeting all kinds of people. I even had some well-deserved barbecue and corn on the cob.

How can you perform massage outdoors? You ask. Simple. All I need is a shady spot, music (portable Ipod docks are great), my portable table or chair, cleaning supplies (for me and my equipment), and of course me. Noone needs to get undressed, not one bit. Typically sessions will last 10-15 min. that way many can enjoy. It's a great retreat for event-goers, whether they're riders, runners, walkers, or just having fun. I use the table mainly for post-event massage, cycling, running, etc. It's a regular massage table, the same I use in my office, but no sheets, the face cradle covers are soft and best of all disposable. The massage chair is well, not your typical chair. There is a seat but it is made to cradle you in a position that leaves your back shoulders and neck exposed - like a supported fetal position. It's great.

This coming weekend I'll be at Nonotuck Park with Special Olympics, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm always looking for events - rides, walks, and get-togethers - that could use something a bit extra to make them memorable.

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