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Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Massage - What to Expect?

Recently, I have had a few clients who had never before received a massage.

For many the first exposure to massage is through a gift certificate. While this can be a great introduction to massage, it can also make or break feelings towards massage. Some may even never use the gift certificate because of all of the unknowns and what ifs. If you have questions - talk to the therapist - ask any question. Massage Therapists are accustomed to fielding a wide variety of questions and if the one you talk to doesn't respond in a kind, understanding manner. Find another therapist.
Massage Therapy is about you feeling relaxed and comfortable.


Honestly fill out a health history.

  • The information you provide will then be reviewed with you by the therapist.

  • Questions?

The therapist should then describe the session

  • How to lay on the table

  • Session Sequence including what areas will be targeted

  • Where to put your clothing (note: it is very seldom necessary to remove everything)

  • Questions?

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