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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Massage Break

Chair Massage has been proven to increase productivity, creativity and attendance in the workplace. Across the US companies are turning to chair massage for incentive programs, to show appreciation as well as in addition to the overall benefits package. Chair massage is inexpensive and fits the flow of a typical work day. Replacing the coffee or smoke break with a massage break is not only healthier for the body, but for the mind as well.
While you may be under the impression that massage during the work day will make you sleepy and leave you in an overly relaxed state. The opposite has been proven true. Office workers massaged regularly were more alert, performed better and were less stressed than those who were not massaged. 1
Up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints. 2
Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year. 2
Over 50% of lost work days are stress related which keeps about 1 million people per day from attending work. 2
Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress. 3
40% of job turnover is due to stress. 4
1. Field, Ironson, Pickens et al. (1996). Massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances EEG pattern of alertness and math computations.International Journal of Neuroscience 86, 197-205 2.Occupational Health and Safety news and the National Council on compensation Insurance (U.S.A.) 3..Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 4. American Institute of Stress

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