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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rain Pain Go Away

The sound of rain on my rooftop makes me think of those with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other painful conditions. While there is limited documentation on the subject, the weather's effect on these conditions is severely noted by those that have chronic pain and old injuries. Most of us have a family member or friend who can tell us that the storm is approaching.

While this feat is not seen as a wonder of nature like parakeet or "spidey" senses. The reality is it does reveal that our joints - knees, shoulder, hips, especially - depend on at least a bit of warmth to stay lubricated. Like the hinge on a door, a little lubrication decreases friction, which softens the squeaks and creaks until they are no more. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of having the oil can like Tin Man, but, what can we do in the rain?

A little heat, movement, and by the way massage. This would be a good day for the stability ball or taking a stroll on the tread mill, keep it light, and keep it moving.

  • Curl up with a good book (if this hurts your knees - don't do it) and it's a good time for the heating pad or blanket. There's even a heated throwavailable now. The Big K had these on sale recently and they're also available at "todays neighborhood drugstore".
  • Pretend your on the sidelines at a big game. Rub your hands together, then gently show the same courtesy to your knees. They'd probably like soft circular motions.
  • Remember, Go For Warmth not fire, less pain not more, say twenty minutes or so. Repeat hourly or when the mood strikes.

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