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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kneading Massage ?

Many people ask, "How often should I get a massage?"
or "Will Massage help me?"

As often as you feel comfortable with. It's been noted that Bob Hope received massage on a daily basis - it was right for him, he lived to be 100. Not all of us have Bob Hope bank accounts though. For certain conditions your therapist may recommend twice a week or three times a week. These are typically for brief sessions targeting a specific area. It's dependent on what you are looking for. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, feel stressed or depressed, or suffer from a chronic condition like fibromyalgia. Once a week works well for some while for others, every other week helps them feel more balanced. If you think that one massage will be a cure and refuse to go back if you don't get immediate results - maybe massage is not for you, good luck finding magic somewhere else.

The benefits of massage are well-documented and there are many conditions that your massage therapist can assist with and help your body heal itself. If you've never received a massage before (from an LMT or otherwise certified therapist) take a look at the previous post on what to expect - First Massage? Your LMT will do an intake and also take time to do an assessment of what is contributing to your problem. Your massage therapist can not be expected to instantaneously heal, however, they can work with you and provide reasonable goals as well as referrals to other services that you can take advantage of. From which doctor/specialist could help to translation of "Doc Talk" The more you understand what is affecting you the better you will be at navigating your path to wellness.

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