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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Massage & Health Insurance

The question of whether or not massage is covered by health insurance is often asked. The answer however, is not simple. It's often "maybe?!" While the facts regarding the benefits of massage are clear and growing in number thanks to research being conducted by Dr. Tiffany Fields and others. Insurance companies themselves are either requiring a lot of documentation or they are offering listing services for LMTs in exchange for providing discounts to their plan members. Unfortunately, there are few Massage-Loving health care plans - these are plans that merely require the massage client to submit their receipts and they are then reimbursed up to 50% by the company directly - a true win-win- leaving clients and LMTs very happy.

While there is a possibility that massage could be prescribed for you. Your doctor's prescription pad is typically reserved for medications and while your LMT may provide
Massage Prescription Forms it's not easy to get them in the hands of every local doctor -let alone having it within reach when they need it. Talk to your LMT to see if they have a form that you can bring to your next doctor's visit.

Some massage therapists will forego the headaches of submitting to a health insurance company by finding a schedule that is right for your needs and offering discounts on multiple visits. This makes for less paperwork for everyone - an instant de-stresser.

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