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Monday, December 3, 2007

You can, but can you safely

The happy valley is getting it's first storm, a coating to a couple of inches is what they say will happen. The icey conditions are probably a bit more dangerous than just your average snowfall. A swedish study reveals that during the winter months "Most injured are elderly women, but also many young men in the age group 20-29 years were injured. Half of all injuries were fractures; for women 50 years and over two-thirds were fractures, mostly of an upper extremity." Most occuring within yards of the home.
The best advice for avoiding injuries is to use common sense. While this preventitive measure seems simple enough. The statistics for winter falls still remain. The bottom line is that sometimes it is just more important to be safe and take the time to respect the winter conditions rather than make an effort to blaze through them.
Whether the intent is being on time, getting the job done more quickly, or even to prove to yourself or others that you can -insert task here-. Yes you can, but can you safely. The results of these injuries are typically a strong decrease in typical daily activity, a high number requiring assistance for at least six months.

BE THE TORTOISE - the world can wait, and in the end the tortoise won.

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