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Thursday, January 31, 2008

YOUR massage

I have a client that I see only briefly - yet weekly. Sometimes this client laughs, of course it's contagious, so I laugh, and then we're laughing. It's amazing the effect this has on sessions. I wish all clients felt comfortable enough to laugh,
Some are stoic, mostly because that's the way they think they should behave.

I tend to invite at least some conversation and inevitably even the chattiest Cathy settles into a relaxed state. The ones I worry about are those that seem to be "Quiet for the MTs Sake" - I'm well aware that your massage is not about me, but why feel that there are expecations other than, say, getting comfortable, breathing, being on time(sometimes negotiable - both ways, within reason, things happen), other than the more obvious blatant wrong-doings, that's basically what's expected.

I make efforts to help these quiet-for-me types. I hope that I can make every client feel open enough to laugh. It truly believe it is the best medicine and certainly makes life more enjoyable. If you're not willing to be yourself with your therapist - maybe they're not the right therapist. I won't go on again about the big secret of MTs (not every therapist is the right therapist for you). But hopefully, you can connect enough with your MT, while perhaps not on all levels, (you're not expected to be BFFs) yet comfortable enough so that the session is enjoyable and gives you a good dose of what you need whether it's laughter, relaxation, tranquility, centering, focus, pain relief.

Enjoy Your Massage - whether you get one regularly or just once in a while- Your massage is about you, really, "your" should be high-lighted, underlined, italicized, etc.

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