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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Action versus Perfection

As a member of a group focussed on business building I am looking to the other members both for how to lessons and how to handle what may go wrong. I've been knowticing a strange trend, there are times when we do nothing because we can't take the time to make things perfect or we may not be the best at it. I rescently had a conversation with someone about "failing forward". If we learn best from the misstakes that we make - shouldn't we allow ourselves some mistakes. THings can be corrected, wrongs can be righted, with technology somethings will even correct themselves or catch our mistakes. "are you sure you want to delete" etc. It's sometimes not obvious why we hold ourselves back - our own feers, success, money, being the center of attention, et cetera et cetera. However, sometimes any sort of doing "taking action" can be a good thing no matter how bad we may think it appears. I love this topic and may return to it.

I may actually make corrections to this post.

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