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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mandala Massage - South Deerfield

A quiet demeanor and brilliant smile that shows true joy, being in the presence of Maryam has a calming effect. She attended STCC - an intensive two year program from what I've heard and has since worked in a variety of settings - spa, chiropractic office, and on and on. I work with Maryam at Paradise Spa and her dedication to each client's needs is always evident. She has a knack for looking at the whole person beyond superficial appearances and assisting each individual achieve balance in energy, mind and body. She has quite a bit of information on her website about her background, massage sessions, and what she has to offer. After seeing her site, it will be obvious that Mandala Massage fits her well. If you're in or near South Deerfield, I highly recommend seeking her out for a session.

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