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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Musselman's - the great misnomer

I learned a valuable lesson today about the connection between the energy needed when you ask your body to do things and the food you choose to eat. I love my Flow class, flow as in yoga in continuous movement, I take this class every Tuesday. Typically, I try to have at least a small meal an hour and a half before class. Today however, I had a little something maybe 6 hours before class and apple sauce thinking I should eat something just before getting in the car.

Nutritional value of apple sauce aside - it wasn't quite enough. My stamina and strength were really low throughout the class - I think I would have preffered to have stayed in downward facing dog for most of it. Mama decided that we needed more triangles and warriors and parsvos - I won't get in to the chattaranga sequence at the end.

Honestly, I loved the sequence and the underlying challenge that comes along with every yoga class. I just thought after a very wonderful savasana - I should have had something a bit more substantial than apple sauce.

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