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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Radical Idea - promote others

I realize that I am not the only massage therapist in the world - especially since I live in a relative hub of bodywork and complementary therapies.

My radical idea is to promote as many of these people(bodyworkers) as I come into contact with - many will be posted here, some will make it to my links page . Those local to me may get some sort of review or synopsis of my interaction with them while those further away may receive praise or recommendations regarding their website.

I hope to keep this venture informative and broaden the reach as time goes on. I will allow comments throughout, mostly to keep myself in check. Anything inappropriate will be deleted.

That's is - shameless promotion of other people in my profession - strengths, background, their ideal client-type. Can't make any promises, but if I do one or two a week, I would still need a year and that wouldn't even get me through everyone in Northampton.

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