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Friday, February 15, 2008

We now return to .... Lessons from Teach and The Salesman

There are some new faces - I'll just call the newest Teach and the oldest I'll call The Salesman. The Salesman has a sharp mind, though his body is not cooperating - Teach is nearly opposite. They would make quite the odd couple - although something should be said of their organizational skills - Note to Self : Keep things in order, it may assist in longevity.

The Salesman and I tend to repeat - almost to the point of having the same conversation - It's good, though, stability can be a blessing. Teach and I tend to have new experiences almost constantly, which can be taxing (on the both of us). I'm learning a lot from each of them. They are both fascinating and have a wealth of knowledge that they've had enough time to make concise. Each bit just as important, but more of a bulleted list that once was a book.

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