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Friday, February 8, 2008

Yoga's Restorative Power

I attended two wonderful yoga classes today. I've been in a very transitional place with yoga as of late. The undertaking of a teacher training program put me into a sort of spell within myself. The original intention was - to expand my knowledge of yoga, as I find that postures can be effective for my massage clients - because I am a big advocate for yoga practice and for stretches that can help with their particular issues.
Somewhere along the way this original intention transformed me into a yogi I'm not quite ready to be, attempting poses and pushing myself a little further than my body was telling me I should. After some discussion with my teacher and much inner contemplation I am working my way through this problem and for the first time in awhile I took a yoga class with fresh eyes. I'm hoping I can continue working more in tune with my body - as this is also something I encourage clients to do.

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