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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bodies Revealed

I had an amazing experience at the Bodies Revealed exhibit. I went through at least four times - finding myself drawn to something diffent each time. The body is so complex there is no better way to "put it together" than the physical models. Each display was fascinating in the way it highlighted different aspects of anatomy. I was glad to have made it on it's last day in Hartford - I had been trying to find time, and someone to attend with me, but finally carved out a few hours and went myself. I spent quite some time in front of the larger displays especially those that drove home the relationships of muscles and bones. The physical really is much better to learn from than any text or picture. While I do have quite a few anatomy books that I reference often, the collection in the exhibit has certainly helped me to put things together.
There were also a number of attendees overheard to have revelations regarding conditions - breaks, strains, and the like - these aha moments are why this exhibit is so educational beyond compare.

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