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Monday, March 10, 2008

Constructive Criticism

I had a client recently give me excellent feedback. While it wasn't all positive I was extremely happy to receive it. Clients often feel guilty about expressing negative experiences. The trouble is that failure leads to more growth than success.

I try my best to provide the best experience possible for all clients, however, I am human. It would be nice to be perfect, it's on my list somewhere below attaining enlightment. As a massage therapist I do have to remember that I need to communicate and do my best to facilitate communication - this is often where problems lie.

While I can make any number of excuses and list reasons(my own neglect of self-care, timing) as to why this client's experience was not optimal I do have to look closely at the root of the problem - which was (and typically is) communication. I spend time educating myself and I need to take the same care when it comes to my clients.

Education is power - expectation, techniques, basic anatomy, goals, pressure - to name a few these areas are what clients should be aware of before, during and after each session. If I can't communicate what you will get, how can I expect you to be a happy receiver.

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