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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fitting it all in

At my RYT class the subject of fitting things in to your schedule came up and was a common theme among nearly every student. One factor I certainly hadn't thought of was fitting in a personal yoga class when we become teachers. Teaching classes, work, family, attending classes, daily meditation - at times it can feel like your juggling too many things.

However, there are certain things that seem to lend themselves to better time management - meditation, yoga practice, etc. Taking time for yourself is somehow seen as a negative among some people, however, this tends to also be their biggest complaint. Taking time for you - whether mere moments or even an hour, can be very beneficial to overall well-being. It seems counter-intuitive that dedicating an hour or so to oneself lends to better time management, but using your time wisely to relax and refresh yourself so that you in essence become more productive. More focussed and better able to see events, problems, quarrels, and the like in a calm and rational manner.

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