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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Manic Tuesday

Ah the change of seasons what wonderful chaos it brings about. Time changes, temperature changes, attitude changes, with so many changes what are we to do. I'm finding myself reminding myself to breathe, to eat, to relax - I should be an expert as a massage therapist, but as with anything it's easier to teach others than it is to take your own advice sometimes.

This seems to ring true for other wellness professionals and colleagues. Self-care can often be last on the list for those of us in the Healing Arts. OMG we're human, it happens, this is often the source of our own humility and humble nature. We treat people most often because we are like them not because we are in any way superior. It's not always easy to be personally aware of what thoughts or activities are getting in our own way or contributing to our emotional or physical state. Sometimes we don't realize until we're hit head on with the reality that we've been sort o living a delusion, no matter how brief or long.

Hopefully, the change greets you well on the other side. Whether there was some small lesson or not(which is not-likely, there's nearly always a lesson) hopefully you find yourself richer for the change.

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