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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Massage Frequency - when is enough enough?

I'm often asked just how often is often enough to get massage.

Mainly, it depends on your goals and what sort of condition brings you into the office in the first place. Like any other service, self-care or otherwise, the decision is yours. You may consider how often your symptoms present themselves, be they stress, tension, or pain, are you looking for things to subside as they appear, or could the condition possibly get worse. In some instances, greater frequency may be recommended at the begininng of treatment however, this may be reevaluated after the first few months or weeks.

The best course of action is to get informed. Your massage therapist can help to inform you as to what the possible causes for your condition might be. However, you hold the key to most of the information how often do your symptoms inhibit your activity? Are there certain things you just can't do or that may be getting more and more difficult? Are you constantly feeling stressed? Are you having trouble sleeping more than a few nights per week?

If you have goals in mind - make them clear to your massage therapist. They may be just the massage therapist to help you achieve your goals or perhaps they could refer you to a colleague - acupuncturist, chiropractor, Physical Therapist. If you don't feel that the massage therapist you've found is going to be able to help you for what ever reason, you will more than likely be right. There are some great studies being done on the placebo effect and just how important it is to wellness. (Translation - Your body believes everything you tell it.)

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