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Friday, March 14, 2008

Perfect Cancellation

As a massage therapist I know that not every client will be able to make their appointment. Things come up, things go down - Life Happens. While there are certain ways I try to protect myself from these things happening again and again. Recurring lateness, last-minute cancellation, no shows, can often be avoided.

I had a perfect cancellation the other day. The client called a few hours before the session. "I'm not going to make it to my appointment today."

Then she did the perfect thing. "However, I am available the following days."

This set the stage for a perfect compromise - she was able to give me at least some advance notice that she would not make her massage session and also she gave some options so that our schedules could blend.

The perfect cancellation - reschedule - anyone in a service industry like massage should understand that life happens, and more often than not - not exactly according to plan. If you're a massage therapist, it can be difficult at times to think to suggest a better time for the client's schedule, and, if you're the client you may be thinking of only the immediate - I can't make that appointment, understandably so. However, a little consideration on both sides goes a long way.

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