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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The power of Association

Massage Therapists have options when it comes to professional association membership. I myself, am a member of ABMP - the other option is the AMTA. Both have their benefits, these associations are focussed on educating the public, their members, and students of massage.
I've found that the forums on the ABMP site are very beneficial as far as sharing information and seeking guidance about business, practices, modalities, etc. I noticed something today when perusing this part of the site, many of the same massage therapists post or reply regularly. While there are so many members of these associations there seem to be so few who actually take an active role.
It is probably similar in many organizations, the 80-20 principle seems to ring true in many aspects of both business and our personal lives. I learn a lot from these other therapists and I'm sure it goes both ways. I'm proud to say I'm an Active Member of this organization and I'm sure as time goes on I'll increase my activity as it seems to be a natural progression. It makes me wonder though, about those who choose to have an association simply to say so more than anything else. It'd be amazing how much power any organization or business or anyone in particular would be if they reversed the principle somehow.

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