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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Whole Health Expo - Northampton

I was able to run through the Whole Health Expo. I had a little bit on my plate for the day and wasn't able to peruse quite as much as I would have liked. I did however, get an introduction to some great practitioners and a myriad of new ideas. I particular liked the Omnivos booth. You may have seen there wares at your yoga studio or perhaps if you have had a sound healing session. These bowls produce tones that are truly amazing and bring a smile to your face almost instantly. I am quite fascinated by acutonics and the effects of sound on the body. While in my own practice I focus mainly on anatomy and the muscles relationships to pain - sound does have a profound effect on the body. (how long have you gone without listening to one piece of music?)

I was also glad to see other practitioners and friends from the area both those who had booth space and those that were "mere attendees" I've heard that some of the presentations were great and plan on making the time next year to participate and learn. I was able to stroll through the books downstairs and pick up some things that will be sure to help me in my practice.

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