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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First-Hand Experiences

I'm having some first-hand experiences with stress. Major life changes, apartment hunting, loss, etc. Most of the time I'm handling it fairly well, however, occasionally I find myself teetering on the edge. These moments happen for all of us.

It stands out how difficult it can be to take pause in these times. Will the ten breaths be enough? If I close my eyes can I really give the feelings their due and move on.
I'd like to have all of the answers and the resolve - the steps you take to work with your negative emotions do work. While it may not always be perfect - you may react or blame or try to pull someone else into your mess - making an effort to calm yourself is always the best action.

Letting those that love you know that you are having difficulty can be a very key step in the process of dealing with hard times. If they don't know what's going on, they might think that they are to blame. This holds true for those little annoyances as well as the tragic events that happen in life.

All I can say is - best of luck, and be patient with yourself as it will help you be more patient with others.

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