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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hip pain and the rotation relation

During my time today at UMass I worked with two runners and a football player with various types of hip pain.

One of the bigger problem areas of the rotator group is a small muscle called the piriformis. It attaches at the pelvis and inserts at the greater trochanter. Often problems occur for various reasons, sitting-style, gait, anatomical, etc. It can often contribute to feelings of sciatic pain - ie numbness or tingling in the leg, pain when sitting for long periods.

There are simple stretches for this little PIA
1) sitting with one leg crossed in front of the other, it is recommended that you use something like a pillow or cushion underneath your seat to raise you up slightly, in order to protect the knees, making an effort to sit "indian-style" like this for even a few minutes throughout the day can often have great impact on releasing tension and making regular sitting more comfortable.
NO PAIN - if there is pain associated with sitting in this fashion stop - comfort is the goal

2)Laying on the floor facing the ceiling feet flat on the ground bring one ankle to the opposite knee (make triangles - like a number four that's bent) reach one arm through your legs and the other behind the thigh pull your foot off the floor - you will need to raise your shoulder blades off the floor - be careful not to strain your neck - ears should stay in line with the shoulders.


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