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Monday, April 7, 2008

Vega Yoga

I attendend one of the premier yoga classes over at Aaron & Debra Vega's new studio in Holyoke. It is a great space with lots of light coming in through big windows and a great view over looking the canals. There were so many people there - for 9am on a Sunday morning to have people come out for anything is quite a feat. We all had plenty of room to practice and it was really great to see new faces along with others that have been regulars in Aaron's classes. They have some really great programs over there.

Two that are particularly worth noting are - Yoga en Espanol - A 5pm class on Thursday nights entirely in Spanish. I myself, regret not knowing much spanish other than what I;ve Learned from Sesame Street - Speaking of Sesame the other brilliant concept is to have a day class with a simultaneous kids class - no need for babysitters or leaving the kids at mom & dad's when you go to class.

The new studio is at Open Square in Holyoke - Classes on-going and beginners are encouraged for most classes - avid Yogis who love to be challenged get classes just for them too.

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