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Sunday, May 11, 2008

M is for

ME time! Many mother's feel pulled in several directions. At-home Moms, working moms, single moms, they all have similar fears and worries. It can be difficult to allay fears and worries, and most often a mother's biggest struggle is taking care of herself. It's easy to put everyone ahead of yourself, however, it is also very draining. There is no magic cure - the cure is to be attentive to mom, just as you are to the rest of your family. Stop and listen. These may be words that any mom finds herself saying over and over. Is it do as I say not as I do? Take time to check in with yourself. It can also be very valuable to communicate with your family what it is you are doing. While moms can be tempted to keep the schedule full to the brim for whatever reason. Many studies show that kids want and even need quality time. It's fine to do nothing, have a family nap time. Watch clouds together. Quiet or stillness contests can yield great results for everyone involved. Make it a habit, start small, and the rewards will pour in.

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