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Friday, May 9, 2008

Speaking Publicly

I am a member of a networking organization, one that actually covers the globe. Weekly we get together and have a meeting to discuss our respective businesses and one member, presents something about their business for ten minutes. Originally, I was under the impression that my presentation would happen next week, I stood corrected. I had prepared in my head but had nothing on paper. Now, these are twenty people that I'm fairly familiar with, and whether that makes it easier or more difficult is a point of debate.

However, I think the key for me was knowing my subject. I make an effort to educate myself on massage and also be attentive to what questions people have - they are limitless and range from serious to hilarious, however, there is no such thing as a bad or even silly question. Especially, when it concerns your body, have you seen Doctor Oz?, people have questions and they are all good questions, and surpising or not many people have similar questions but are often afraid to ask.

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