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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tennis, Golf, and Gardening - OH MY knees, shoulders, and elbows,

The summer is in full swing. And along come those minor aches that can build up into big pain. The same thing you add to your drinks to make them a little more refreshing can be applied to your body. ICE is NICE - I can't stress (haha) how important ICE can be to help ease the aches and pains that come with prolonged activity.

If you didn't play golf throughout the winter - and we're in New England so if you did what's your secret then your body can have a bit of a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Be mindful of the signals your body is trying to give you. Some of us get a little reluctant, and dare I say stubborn, about the way the body seems to change overnight. "i've never had this pain before" we can ignore these changes or work with them.

Find what works for you, if you make an effort to listen to your body you may be able to avoid serious injury.

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